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Discover the allure of our 1.26 carat, Kite Shaped Salt & Pepper earth-mined diamond. This is a loose diamond, and it can be purchased alone, or reach out to have a custom piece made for it.


This unique gem encapsulates the essence of bespoke craftsmanship and will transform your jewelry into a timeless masterpiece.


Shape: Rose Cut Kite shape

Weight: 1.26 carats 

Measurements: 9.64 x 8.43 x 2.54 mm 

Natural and earth-mined.

Rose cut top and a flat bottom 


Based in Austin, Texas, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind pieces destined to become future heirlooms.

1.26 carat, Kite Shaped Salt & Pepper Diamond-Earth Mined

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