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Working with Kelly has been transformational for me as I was someone who absolutely did not like the idea of wearing jewelry and especially a ring on my finger.  She allowed me to take time and sit with what I want for my wedding band and paced me through each step of the creation.  By allowing me to focus on the smaller steps rather than the whole idea of creating/getting a ring, I was able to sink my teeth in and have a reciprocated exchange of my vision and her creative process. 

I got to see mock-ups of the ring and what it would look like and I have to admit, I went from a “no way am I wearing a ring” to being a giddy little boy who just found the ring prize at the 

Ashlea and Mark

bottom of the cereal.  She made adjustments and communicated immediately to any changes I may want and also put in her feedback to guide me when I didn’t know that I would be completely wrong in my design (leave it to the pro as they say).  So, what did I learn going through this process with Kelly?  It’s not just that she will create a unique piece of fine jewelry that you love, but it’s what she puts into you and into your ring/jewelry that is the magic of her work.  Her ability to allow you to have the dignity to go through your creative process and readiness is remarkable. 


You can absolutely tell that the person creating your ring is infusing it with her love, patience, reciprocity, and god given artistic ability.  Those are the qualities that you want to wear and would receive from the person creating your jewelry.  Now, what was my ring and what is my current stance on wearing one?  It’s a distinct two-tone rose gold and white gold with a lightning bolt on it because my favorite superhero is the Flash.  It came out so cool and now “yes”, I can see myself wearing a ring!  If you are looking for not only high quality jewelry, made with passion, patience, and a highly positive energy to invest into yourself or a special someone then get a hold of Kelly now!  Seriously, stop reading this review and get a hold of her now! 

Mark, Chicago, IL

Kelly is an amazing jewelry artist, I recently worked with her to create a design for a necklace in which we took a stone out of an old ring and worked it into the centerpiece of the design. She was able to take my ideas and create exactly what I had envisioned, did I mention I live 3000 miles away in Seattle. Kelly made the entire process so simple and her customer service was absolutely superb.

Kat, Seattle, WA

Kelly at James & Lily Jewelry helped me design the engagement ring of my dreams ! She has amazing style and is extremely knowledgeable. Not only did I get exactly what I wanted I gained a great friend as well. I will forever look down at my ring and be in awe! Thank you so much Kelly for bringing to life my unique one of a kind ring . Look forward to working with you on wedding bands !

Christina, Franklin, TN

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